A journey of self-love

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A journey of self-love

I was a noticeably plump 67 kg girl about 6 years back as I wasn’t so conscious of the fact that I was getting bigger in dimension due to my undying passion for food or the only person whom I asked whether I’m looking heavy was my mother and to my relief she gave me an obvious answer that I could gain even more.

I had never reconsidered my body ideologies as I always believed in the delight of fine cuisine.
One day , as part of my customary evening ramble through the office premise I happened to have a gaze into the gym located in the same establishment. I was totally astounded by the zest of people engaged in various vigorous exercises and strength training. I couldn’t help myself from being lost and motivated at the same time considering the fact that the people who were already there seemed relatively fit for me as per the general comparison stereotype in the gym.
Subsequently hitting the gym became habitual for me nevertheless,without tampering my food cravings. I just loved the concept !

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When you are determined and devoted, the results will be apparent. I had trimmed down to 61 kg over a span of 2 months while deriving the pleasure of my favoured flavours without any diet regime. In addition to that , I have been hearing the 80 percent nutrition to 20 percent fitness rule far too much those days , thought to give a shot to the diet plan as well as an exploratory research! Over the span of a few months , the visible transformation made myself afford an XS! I personally felt a positive shift in my internal and external confidence level. I would like to share with you some notable aspects of this whole transition process.

  • Realization that you are capable of change ; not just the usual rapid change of opinions.
  • It’s all about the way you feel about yourself ; not any acquaintance or your next-door neighbour !
  • My DD rule , Determination and Devotion is the keystone ; not just for choosing an earring.
  • You will encounter the real hero , self-love on the way ; for the profuse sweats !
  • An awakening to reality ; always go for a second opinion other than your mother
  • Flexible benefits ; you could slip into any outfit or anyone’s outfit !
  • Saves cost ; Particularly for customised clothes attributed to much lesser body width.
  • Toughest time ; When you have to eat an aweful salad while drooling over a pizza image
  • Metamorphosis ; from an avid foodie to a food snob !

P.S : Nothing is permanent , but being consistent matters.

30 thoughts on “A journey of self-love

  1. You are a good narrator also beautiful lady but there is nothing to be exciting or motivating for life.
    Once you stop going to gym u will gain your weight doubler than what you have now…i never go to gym.. but i walk a lot…also food ,Mostly go with proteen not much carbo…a greek salad never make u fat either caprice salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Or argula salad with balsamic vinegar olive oil and sliced tomato never let you gain weight.i gave just an example this is not dieting but you are enjoying the food with a pleasure ….

    1. Sir , good to know that you’re keeping yourself well.Its up to the readers whether to absorb it as a motivation or not . And we can’t survive on salads alone:) Thanks for the feedback!

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