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Life style

Movie looks in my memory

The potential impact of movies on the general public is tremendous. No other form of art could influence the audience to such an extensive level because of the liberation of diverse ideas and creativity. Guess there won’t be anyone in this world who wouldn’t have watched at least a single movie in their life. Movies […]

Life style

Social distancing in NCR

The outbreak of COVID-19 has churned a sense of self-awareness and social responsibility among the people across the globe. Masks have become a vital part of our life. It’s beyond our comprehension to stay away from the regimes which kept us going once. There is nothing worse than a life without moral human interaction. A […]

Life style

Freak out moments of women

Women’s psychology couldn’t be explained properly by any great philosopher or theorist up till now. Even though women wish to follow the mantra “keep it simple” but eventually it turns out to be more intricate than the neuroscience.She seems attentive to you at once but surprisingly that’s not where (plural) she might be. They possess […]

Life style

Chennai , my second home !

When I had to give a preferred job location for my first job , I had given every other option except Chennai and hence it came as a surprise when I got posted in Chennai itself. With so much of presuppositions and ambiguity I had moved to Chennai in 2014 at the outset of a […]

Life style

A journey of self-love

I was a noticeably plump 67 kg girl about 6 years back as I wasn’t so conscious of the fact that I was getting bigger in dimension due to my undying passion for food or the only person whom I asked whether I’m looking heavy was my mother and to my relief she gave me […]

Life style

Being a mallu in Delhi !

My life had mostly revolved around Kerala and Chennai if not for some short vacations , so my decision to move to Delhi has been a subject of debate among my friends and colleagues when I first dropped the idea of shifting to Delhi. “Why Delhi!!! “ , all of them asked in unison as […]

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