Freak out moments of women

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Freak out moments of women

Women’s psychology couldn’t be explained properly by any great philosopher or theorist up till now. Even though women wish to follow the mantra “keep it simple” but eventually it turns out to be more intricate than the neuroscience.
She seems attentive to you at once but surprisingly that’s not where (plural) she might be. They possess exceptional multitasking and multi-thinking skills and still could make sense of most of them.

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Women seem to get preoccupied easily and they have this remarkable ability to interlink the chain of thoughts. They would like to reassure the odds and ends in their head as it gives them a sense of satisfaction. Women are not complicated but their reasoning patterns and its repercussions are ( mostly on others ). They are fussy about a certain matter which she never wants to compromise remotely.
She can’t stop freaking out at the following set of circumstances;

  • Eyebrow aesthetics

Shaping the eyebrows is one thing which women wouldn’t miss even in a demanding schedule. The joke is on you if you still don’t understand the significance of its shape. It’s an hour-long task in the salon to describe the finer details and background of the eyebrow and how they want to get it done. If the beautician slightly misses to clone it as it was before or happen to narrow down the thickness of the eyebrow, then a life long rivalry is developed between two people under the roof of a salon which would probably never come to an end. The same will be reminded often until the next salon session!

  • Getting stout

Body aesthetics is a stirring subject for women. They fail to bother the process of putting on when they savour on their preferred food choice and the reality hits only when they can’t slip into their treasured clothes; hence a concurrent and rapid motivation is born to trim down just to wear that particular outfit! Heights of commitment!

  • Shopping dilemma

One of the areas which women never find mundane is shopping and its level of interest varies from women to women. For me,shopping always works as the best stress buster. Women set their eyes on some accessory or garment at a particular shop but will rove around shops over shops in search of something finer than the former or to reassure that nothing could possibly challenge the one that they actually liked. They just flip out if it’s already snapped up by someone when they return back to the shop to pick up the same. They wouldn’t fail to recall about that peculiar item for eternity.

  • Similar attire

Women enjoy the flair of dressing up to slay every occasion. It’s one among their feel good checklists, and hence this specific zone is extremely delicate. If they spot someone in similar attire as theirs either at the workplace or at a public gathering, it would turn out to be a real go crazy moment for them especially if its a person whom not even in their wildest dream would be in identical clothing!

  • Hair length

Women are so obsessed with their hair. They consider it as an invaluable asset and one of their confidence elements. When they have long hair, they would prefer to make it short for a low maintenance yet chic look. When they close-crop it to a pixie or short bob they will miss the flowy long hair layers and the variety of sleek styles. The altercation with the hairdresser when they see the chopped hair is a very common sight in the salon.

  • Age troubles

Getting aged is a heart-rending feeling for all women. They are extremely vigilant even about their trivial body changes. They could spot a dark circle or a pimple at the onset. Similarly the assessment of hair fall on a day to day basis. As a consequence of all this, the people around her have to put up with the monotonous query “ do I look aged!?”

  • Comparison

Women don’t like to be compared with other women especially with their peers as they would prefer to do that by themselves. Caution ! if you still set out to do it even as a trick!

  • Nothing to wear

Women are always keen to streamline their wardrobe with brand new outfits. If they have already worn the full cycle of garments in their closet, it turns out to be the epic “ I have nothing to wear “ freak out moment!

P.S: To all women out there, it’s okay to freak out if it could alleviate your bad temper.

3,175 thoughts on “Freak out moments of women

  1. Hey Arya you can also add in your Freak out moments for women like” women sometimes become prejudice when they can’t find a solution Which leads to repercussions ” what do you say am i right?? If you don’t consider this it isn’t a fair analysis.. adhu orappannuu.. Arya..

  2. You look less aged😂😂😅😅🤗and one more freaky moments if any body touches their favorite teddy or something harder or roughly it makes them freak cause my sis do that often 😈😈😃😃🤒. 👈🏻👈🏻I think so every women does that😇😇😇

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