Movie looks in my memory

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Movie looks in my memory

The potential impact of movies on the general public is tremendous. No other form of art could influence the audience to such an extensive level because of the liberation of diverse ideas and creativity. Guess there won’t be anyone in this world who wouldn’t have watched at least a single movie in their life.

Movies and fashion influence

Movies are one of the ultimate forms of recreation. Fashion elements are of remarkable role in this visual art as people try to emulate the style of their iconic actors both off-screen and on-screen. In other words, motion pictures are accountable for many of the contemporary fashion waves. The creation of some spectacular costumes has persisted through a variety of movies from time to time. Some major breakthrough in street fashion is through the films. Costumes are one of the quintessential factors of visual impression among the audience.  

Major trend setters

Even though movie styles are ephemeral; it resonates the legacy and fashion culture of an era. The magic of illustration in this art paved the way for timeless fashion trendsetters. Hence the designer minds in fashion behind the big screen should be recognized for every unique masterpiece. The ease of reference is the primary reason for the major trend tides in fashion through the movies.

Iconic style statement

From accessories to garments, the flexible interaction with the public resembling the real life is the key for the general fashion inspiration through the films. As a character’s clothes speak a lot about them, it can create a major fashion influence among the viewers. The character’s portrayal in the movie is capable enough to carve an idol impression for the actors on-screen and hence an attempt to reciprocate their signature styles.

Here are some of the iconic looks of the female leads of some movies which created a buzz in the fashion arena of their respective periods.

Jodie Foster : The silence of the lambs

The minimalist autumn style of Jodie Foster was well identified by fashion critics and film buffs across the globe. The sensational concept of the movie has a lot to say about her costumes in the movie. There is notable aesthetic co-ordination in the way she covers herself from the intense stares of her male peers. Her outer layer seems like a precaution whenever she meets the most dangerous man alive. Her authentic style created a classic image of a bold and brilliant FBI agent. 

Julia Roberts : Pretty Woman

Pretty woman movie is based on the fairy tale romance of a free-spirited Hollywood sex worker and an influential businessman. The film starred Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in the lead roles. The movie featured some of the most iconic outfits in the history of Hollywood. Julia Roberts’s white-button down shirt tied at the waist with nonchalantly rolled up sleeves started a major fashion wave in the 90s and is still referenced routinely. The movie highlights a spectacular range of clothing and an iconic style of its kind. Vivian’s (Julia’s role) attainment of a better life is brilliantly revealed through her magnificent clothing styles. Fashion is one of the core story elements in Pretty Woman. 

The stunning outfits in the movie are still cited by fashion buffs across the world.

The movie made Julia Roberts a star and she received the Golden Globe for her incredible performance as Vivian Ward in the movie.

Megan Fox : Friends with kids 

The story is about two friends who decide to have a baby together and raise the child platonically. Megan Fox plays the role of a rational, irreverent and sassy broadway dancer who enjoys her untangled single life. She is portrayed as the least confused in a crowd of coupledom.

Her easy live the moment attitude is well showcased through her peppy clothing styles in the movie. In general, there are no exceptional fashion statements in the movie but Megan Fox’s military green denim jacket is one of the sensational turns in fashion for all smart look lovers. 

P.S: Film and fashion serves each other and will continue.

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