Life style

Chennai , my second home !

When I had to give a preferred job location for my first job , I had given every other option except Chennai and hence it came as a surprise when I got posted in Chennai itself. With so much of presuppositions and ambiguity I had moved to Chennai in 2014 at the outset of a […]

Life style

A journey of self-love

I was a noticeably plump 67 kg girl about 6 years back as I wasn’t so conscious of the fact that I was getting bigger in dimension due to my undying passion for food or the only person whom I asked whether I’m looking heavy was my mother and to my relief she gave me […]

Life style

Being a mallu in Delhi !

My life had mostly revolved around Kerala and Chennai if not for some short vacations , so my decision to move to Delhi has been a subject of debate among my friends and colleagues when I first dropped the idea of shifting to Delhi. “Why Delhi!!! “ , all of them asked in unison as […]


Women and saree love !

Women’s affair with saree has been a historic tale. An ideal and quintessential outfit for women which personifies her elegance ,style and poise . We have seen bold iconic leaders like Indira Gandhi ,Sushma Swaraj and Jayalalitha in their signature saree style which drew wider attention to their glory and persona. Even though saree draping […]

Incredible India

Getaway to Shimla!

Enroute to Shimla on a Friday evening impromptu. Yet she greeted me with her majestic snow clad mountains , stunningly vast greenery ,beautiful lakes and an enchanting breeze, truly an epitome of timeless beauty which is no less than it was a century ago since the British declared it as their summer capital. Shimla is […]

Life style

My First Tattoo

In my case it was spur-of-the-moment decision to get a tattoo. In an hour I concluded the design which I was gonna get inked forever and something which was going to be with me for the rest of my life . Crazy isn’t it ? Never be in a haste when it comes to picking […]

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