Work Attire Challenge

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Work Attire Challenge

Let it be any season , there is always a challenge when it comes to dressing for business. The focus here is to punch up your looks with your personal style and what suits you the most and gives you the best comfort and confidence as you will be wearing it all day , being a dusky skinned myself I have always been told not to pick dark colors.That’s one of the fallacies dark skinned ones have been entrusted to follow for ages. Point being regardless of your complexion , size , height ,or age love your body and settle on the one that you feel you look stunning and don’t be a victim of emerging fashion trends on the runway.

Not sure whether we will be able to hit the office this summer( lets hope for the best) The picture above was one of the office looks I picked during last summer which is a modest combination of electric blue regular fit button-up shirt and a black knee length pencil skirt accessorised by a formal two-tone watch ,a bluish green fabric bead bracelet and a glossy pink leather pumps shoes which altogether gives a chic yet sophisticated professional touch to your attire.

to be continued …

18 thoughts on “Work Attire Challenge

  1. ” don’t be a victim of emerging fashion trends on the runway ” – Simple and to the point 👌🏻

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