What’s the right age to get married ?

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What’s the right age to get married ?

India has a unique and distinct culture which is renowned across the globe. An amalgamation of diverse languages,community, philosophy ,tradition, geography and beyond everything millions of people with infinite areas of interest .If you ask me, any culture should speak for the well-being and progress of human race. What if it stifles you instead? Then be a battler against all the odds to uphold your own beliefs and principles . If the norms written by someone are so strong to be carried over for ages then certainly you could also turn the tide , for anything you believe in so firmly.

One of those unwritten yet written rules is to get married before 30! Being grown up in a semi-liberal Kerala family our custom has been slightly different that is , you should get married either after graduation or once you get a job. In this facet of convention also, certain exceptions are there for girls due to which they have to give in or adhere to the indisputable social code.

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I have been at gunpoint to get settled since the day I got my first job and the process of being deaf to all those grumblings still goes on even after I found the love of my life.
Apparently the astrologer who had told the correct turn of my life events from childhood is getting a stable income from the dearest women in my family since then , for further life changing advices particularly marriage.

If you are puzzled about your marriage choice let us talk through some thoughts which might help you in the arduous decision making process.

When you are ready

If you are ready at the age of 18 without any concerns over anything , you could get hitched undoubtedly and if you’re 40 and unmarried with some serious commitment issues then please give yourself a break from the act and thought ! Just enjoy the solitude , that’s your comfort zone!

Being independent

Financial stability is always a trump card , fend for yourself first before you take the key decision of your life. It credits you with a bonus amount of security and maturity to handle any dramatic turn of events in life.

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The right partner

This may sound vague , but if you are resilient to the huge pressure from the family and society to get settled, then there is a good prospect that you might end up with the one whom you feel is the right companion for you as nobody understands you better than yourself.

Peer pressure

My mother never fails to update any marriage in our family or in our locality in order to remind my spinster status in the best possible way.
Never submit yourself to peer pressure only because you can’t deal with it! Just wait for the hilarious moment when your friends share the real marital wisdom with you while you are still looking for the perfect filter for your photo!

Never ending demands :

The demands of the society are incessant. When you fulfil one, the next one will be served. It’s a recurring deal! Do what really matters to you!

Ambition and future plans

If you are attached to a dream that demands your outright commitment then plan your future accordingly as marriage comes with an equal or more commitment . If you have the prowess to manage both efficiently then you are good to go !

Idea of marriage

If you have none of the above concerns to deal with and if it’s just the concept of marriage that you are stressed about then you should better go for some professional advice. They could easily help to pull you through the apprehension of this major life goal.

P.S: If you are already married before reading this blog , I hope that’s the best decision of your life. If not just work on the gaps , resolve the differences instantly and earn the good moments.

31 thoughts on “What’s the right age to get married ?

    1. Good Mng,
      I’m Sivasankaran from Palakkad. I have gone through the above mentioned related with marriage. In my opinion Marriage is a process of finding a right soulmate for a long term journey in our life. Before starting their lives they should understand eachother and about their interest & taste. I’m now 25 yrs. I have commitment towards my fmly. My fmly is my first preference. I didn’t think about my marriage. Now I’m concentrating on my career. I prefer the age to get married for a man is 29 or 30. Hope this is a good answer.

      Regards – Siva.

  1. Marriage is not a commitment it’s a life process.. I agree to the Point on choosing right one.. you will never get pressurised.. pressure from parents is only because they are getting hold fear of Lyf.. they wanted to see their third generation playing with them.. and ideally wants you to have the third generation..Being Fit doesn’t extends human lyf .. COVID is a right example … more can be discussed 😀 good blogging skills

    1. Don’t you think you are compromising yourself between this first and third generation
      ? I haven’t said a word about fitness here 😀 Thanks for the compliment buddy 🙏

  2. It’s all about your priority 😊
    If you have a dream and you want to achieve it, nothing really matters 😊

  3. Most people see marriage as an end. The problem begins there. I’ve had lots of friends who used to take the “worrying” part themselves. That they’re not getting married. I tell them that everything happens at the pre-destined time.
    Having said that, deciding whom to marry will be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever take in life. So that has to be taken wisely after evaluating all the pros and cons. Answering your question, whether I agree with a cut off age as 30, well honestly, I feel as individuals, we should even revisit the idea of getting married. Some wants to get married, some won’t feel like getting married, so we should take both choices as normal. They won’t be cut out for the responsibilities of marriage. Why push them into something undesirable and then later on live with either the wrong person or the misery called divorce.

  4. Having the right one is of course the key towards an unpressurized comfy life. Where both the husband and wife have an acute understanding about the either.
    Parents just want to see us settled, so they pressurize on every available opportunity.

    Your bloging skills are amazing. Keep up with your good work.

  5. Marriage is a beginning of something really precious…a special bond with an unknown person..who is gonna be there until ur last breath..(I think so!!…may be somebody have other opinions)…shedaa…manasil ullath complete aayit parayan nammade mathrubhasha yolam varumo…so…ini kurach MANGLISH…try cheyyunnu!!😉😉 njan parayan vannath ithreyumee…ollu..nammude life il marriage nadakkumbo..athu adutha thalamurakku vendi mathramoo,allengil veetukarudeyum naatukarudeyum chodyangalkum,parathikalkum pariharamayoo aavaruth athepozhum oreyoru concept base cheithavanam…aaa…vyakthiyee ningalk unconditional aayi pranayikkan saadhikkumo??ennu theerchayayum manasilakkanam…athinu prathyekich prayam und annenik thonnunnillaa..marupadi pratheekshikkunnu…ennu…swantham…ananthakrishnan

  6. Good to see some views on life on earth for living animals, especially human beings. I am 73 and let me pen my own views. Ultimately we are social beings with family & social commitments . We, most men & women believe in complexion. Year by year this will fade, for men after 30 and for ladies after 25. Those who believe in commitments should get married around the above age. Those who start thinking late never consider about their children (parents should earn atleast their children get graduated). India still believe that the word SEX should not be discussed in public, especially for girls – will be considered bad. Such attitudes force people to hide curiosity and receive negative knowledge, even Google (at Times) provide wrong notions. Another product is the never ending sexual assault in the country. It’s time to think about choosing the right partner especially for ladies on time. Remember India has declared ‘ the right for mobility ‘ only for men. Start the status of a spinster when you can walk half a kilometer without fear during midnight. Always consider the real fear of an Indian parent.

  7. Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and help others like you aided me.

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